Fabulising February - Going Crazy with Duct Tape

Hello everyone,
And so Fabulising February continues! As this is also a bit of a stashbuster month, I wanted to use up all my duct tape that I'd bought in the US on various trips. I've had it for ages and hardly ever used it.
Well, time to change that! I made some great items, and best of all this beauty:

One of the girls at work bought some new shoes and gave me the box. Seriously, I get loads of this stuff as everyone in the office knows I can do something with it hihi...  

I only ever made this tube card holder the the tape and while it was a great one, the edges curled a bit and it didn't last as long as the fabric ones I made. 

The box in question. Square and ugly, but very useful!

Enter Duct Tape. Instead of painting the box which would have taken a long time and smelled a lot (it's freezing out!), I decided to cover the box in purple duct tape. I chose the purple over one with a design because I had the most left of this one and I wanted to add some design myself.

I bought these foam adhesive letters in Tiger for only £1, they were perfect for this project!

At first I added the letters on the top, but then I thought 'how am I going to recognise this box in my closet if the top has lettering but nothing else does?' Ok apart from the colour... In any case, it seemed a bit impractical.

So I added the lettering to the front of the box, which made much more sense. :)

I added the things I use for running, only special items such as leg warmers, bandanas, and hats. Yes, this could be the event box really ;)

And found the perfect space in my closet for it. See how the lettering makes more sense here? I love my new box! It will save me so much time in finding all the stuff I need. 

I still had some tape left, so I used this plastic container from M&S to fabulise as well.

I used up my bat duct tape here, it was an oddly shaped container so it's not as nice and even as the box it, but it's still cool. This is my achievement jar now, you know where you put in notes whenever you've accomplished something in the year. Rather than finding and painting/decorating a glass jar, this one was right on hand :)

I also had another shoe box that I covered. I finished both the purple and the spider tape on this one. It's to store my card making supplies.

But I'm still the proudest of my Running Box. It's only a box, but I used stuff I had on hand and it fits my needs exactly. I just love being able to 'fabulise' stuff :)


  1. These are all just really fabulous! I now understand what you meant when you mentioned the theme of the month.
    I wish I could get going and get on with making stuff, I'm hoping for a bit more motivation as it gets lighter in the evenings!


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