Running - Winter Run 2015

Hi everyone!
Today was the big day, it was the revealing of the Elsa dress! I've still not quite recovered from my knee injury at the Christmas Run, but I've registered for all these runs and with such an amazing outfit, how could I not participate? So I got up early this morning... it was cold and difficult, but so much fun at the same time!

At least I looked fabulous :) and there were lots of people kind enough to take a piccie of my Elsa dress so I have something other than selfies LOL

There was some great entertainment, there were free polar bear hugs (great after any race!) and such funny signs that were just perfect for Elsa ;)

After spending some time in the warmup area, I was all ready to get started. Nearly at the start line!

We got to run along a fantastic route, all along Embankment to the Tower, and back along St Paul's. I got some really lovely shots :) I couldn't use my phone as the app+music+camera would have just killed it, so I brought my small camera along and kept in my running belt to use when needed.

 Of course I needed the obligatory mid-run selfie hihi

When we went past the Tower I really choked up for a second. There is normally so much traffic here and now there was hardly anyone that was not a runner! And yes, it may be silly to have that reaction here, but as am not running the London Marathon anytime soon, just go with it.

As I slowly headed towards the finish line (still a few K away), I saw these guys on the other side of the road. They must have been in the final wave, and they looked amazing! Warm and amazing that is. I just had to take a piccie!

One 1K to go, and I saw this couple. They were running hand-in-hand, it was just so cute!! 

The finish is in sight! Yes, it's the blue arrow that I added to the picture as it's really quite small at this point still. I tried to take a selfie which went completely wrong and possibly caused me to miss the official photographer at the finish line but hey... we'll see what happens. 

Having finally crossed the finish line and gotten my shiny new SNOWFLAKE (!!!) medal, my phone died. Perfect timing... Runner lady to the rescue who kindly took this piccie with my camera. (ignore the straps of the top, I didnt notice at the time and am trying hard not to now hihi). I did it!! I finished the Winter Run 10K!

I had to get some piccies with the St Bernard too of course. Left is the one before the race, right the one after. I just love events :)

These ladies were the best! They were manning the A-line in the bag drop area and when I walked in, they all applauded!! I was so touched! :) It was the perfect ending! Thank you so much ladies, you're the best! :)

So even though it was freezing, and my knee started to seriously complain at about 7K (ok, before also but then it was still manageable), it was a great run and super fun. 

I really wanted to have a hot choccie (they really need someone to hand out cookies at the finish line!) but the queues in Pret were so long that I just went home, had a long and hot shower, and spent the rest of the afternoon defrosting on the sofa with girly movies. Maybe running in summer is a better plan after all, hihi... And remember, if you feel generous and want to make a donation to the MS Society, please visit my Justgiving Page.

So that was the great unveiling of the Elsa running outfit, which will be used again in a month's time as my Zumba teacher is doing a Disney event. Score! Until then, no further runs are planned, the next one is at the end of March... But it's February and you know what that means: Fabulising February is just around the corner :) Come back tomorrow for some awesome projects!


  1. Sounds like such a fun run! and I LOVE your dress! Not to mention the cuddly polar bears and St Bernards! Awesome work - congratulations!!


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