Fabulising February - Scissor Buttons

Hi everyone!
It's the start of Fabulising February! One day late but I had to show you the pictures of my run after all... I did this a couple of years ago and it really forced me to finish some projects and actually blog about them too :) Plus I just love the word 'fabulising' so why not use it more often? It surely beats 'upcycling' or 'pimping'...

So let's start off with an easy project. This year I don't only have clothes but also some things that may be unexpected but have an amazing result. Like these buttons for example. A number of years ago, I bought some scissor buttons and I loved them. 

They were the elegant old fashioned type scissors with the curly handles. And they were only 50p each which was quite good. I loved them :) Then, at a show, I bought one other scissor button and the others were forgotten...

You maybe remember my Enormous Craft Bag where I used that button? The silver highlight just made such a difference, that the other ones were not interesting at all to me anymore.

See the difference? But as no one just throws away a super cute button like this, I suddenly had an idea. And yes, it actually took me this long to come up with that LOL

I borrowed some of the bf's hobby paint and painted the buttons! He even helped me pick out which colour would work best :) I now LOVE these buttons and already have a project to use at least one of them. Again, the silver highlight just made all the difference.

So I'd say that this year's Fabulising February has started off with a bang :) Keep checking for more fabulous posts this month!


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