Fabulising February - A Small Hiatus

Good morning everyone!
I haven't posted a Fabulising February in a while actually... I had so many plans! These plans actually included having a couple of sewing weekends to make stuff as during the week life just gets in the way (you know, things like work and exercise and possibly sleep). But I haven't forgotten yet, I may just have to extend it a little though. 

Just to give you an update, I did start another project. It was a vest made out of a sweater. It had a good start but then I tried felting on it and it just looked awful. So I wore it to my last race to keep warm and then just dumped it in the charity box. No piccies I'm afraid, I'll spare you those ;)

As for the weekends, I flew out to visit my family so that was one weekend where I couldn't make anything, and this weekend we're having visitors so I'm not sure exactly how much I will be making then either. And I've run out of already-finished projects! Oops... Having this silly cold didn't help either I have to admit. 

On the plus side, I did make a killer Valentine's Day dinner. Yes, another no-sew weekend as I spent most of the day preparing for this and the next day cleaning the kitchen LOL. But it was wonderful!

I made prawns in mango-basil sauce, heart-shaped potatoes from the oven, lobster (yes really, my first lobster!) and Minnie's chocolate pie. It was delish :)

The rest of the in-between time I spent registering for yet more races. OMG I am so out of shape and I have to run a half-marathon in 6 weeks and I have yet to start. Not a great plan... I really need to get off my butt and start training for this! But the races I've signed up for are all 5K with a fun twist so that should be great fun :) There is one next month which is a 5K that includes a picnic, can't go wrong with that! Then there is the Color Run in June which is always fun, and the Race for Life in July. That's a 10K but it's going to be in my Cinderella dress again, yay! AND, registration isn't open yet, but I'm planning on doing the Sumo Run, 5K in a Sumo suit. It sounds hilarious :) Please 'like' my Facebook page for more updates, I would love to have some more likes!

I do have a pile of items to fabulise so I'm hoping I can get some sewing time in soon. Fingers crossed!


  1. Wow, you went all out for Valentine's Day, your food looks stunning!

  2. Sounds and looks like a great Valentines meal!! And so many runs planned! Good for you! The first half marathons I did were fun runs that I did absolutely no training for. I walked and jogged and just enjoyed the atmosphere and great support and orange slices from the watching crowds!

  3. I know what you mean. Where has February gone? I have so little to show in terms of February makes. Your fabulising Feb makes so far have been great!


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