Emergency Chocolate Gift

Good morning everyone!
Wow it has been a while since I last posted... again! Time is just running away with me and especially now that the weather is finally improving there are just too many fun things going on :) My blogging backlog is growing and growing, so let's try if I can't get that cleared up anytime soon.

I found this really funny gift idea via Pinterest, it was just ideal for my very best friend who can sometimes have a bit of a sweet tooth.

The original tutorial can be found HERE

It took some time to find a deep frame and, believe it or not, even longer to find M&Ms. Usually they're in all the poundshops but for some reason what I needed them: nothing. When I finally found some they only had the peanut ones (which are the best anyway, they just don't look as nice but they would have to do). 

As is usual with my project, the first try failed. It looked nice, but I had written on the outside of the glass instead of the inside. And the text was a bit too low. Not to worry, I now had a template to use for the inside of the glass. Luckily, when I finally did find frames, I bought 2 of them!

Much better :)

I sent it over to my friend who absolutely loved it!

So a big thank you goes out to the 30 Minute Craft blog for this tutorial, it was such fun to make :)


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