Running - Bupa 10K

Hello again :)
After I had completed the Hyde Park 5K, I was confident in running the Bupa 10K the next week. It was to be run during the bank holiday and I'd signed up for it a while back, you have to plan most of these as they sell out so fast! Just image, a few years back I would have never run, let alone on a bank holiday when you can actually sleep in! The Bupa 10K is one of few runs where you can run along the Mall, and I always wanted to do that :) Since I didn't get into the London Marathon (and probably a good thing that I didn't!), this was my chance. So with the recent injury free 5K under my belt, I was ready to go.

Charity shirt on (I finally remembered to wear it now that it has been improved!), let's do this!

We arrived well on time, the weather was beyond perfect. So far so good!

This was taken on the way to the corrals, that's Buckingham Palace in the back! I was in the middle section of the third corral, so plenty of time to get there...

And off we went!! Along the Mall (yay!) and under the Amiralty Arch... 

All along St Pauls and many other London landmarks, even Big Ben! I just love this picture :) I took weeks deciding if I should get the event photos, and I am so glad I did. This is London at its best!

Around St. James Park and with the finish (and lots of people) in sight, I decided to go for it. Someone caught me sprinting to the end, clearly eager to finish with a good time...

And over the finish line I go in a personal best of 01:01:29 :) I was so pleased!!

There was a medal of course, and a very cool tshirt (yes which will also be girlyfied)

These are some photos I took with my actual camera before, during and after the run. I absolutely loved running this race, and with a PB to boot the day just couldn't get any better :)

We went for a lovely big lunch after this, it was a lovely Sunday. This running thing is way addictive! But you can't only have serious runs, I also had a few fun ones lined up... more on that tomorrow!


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