Running - Osterley Park 10K

Hi again!
These runs are a great way to discover new parks in London :)

Time for the Osterley Park 10K!

The Osterley Park 10K was held last Saturday. I was really nervous as I had very smartly signed up for two 10K runs that weekend and I really wasn't sure if I could manage two. The day itself started alright, rain was on the programme, but hopefully that would hold off for a while, and the race was only about 30 mins travel away so if I could survive today with energy for tomorrow, this would be a wonderful race. Only hickup, no head phones allowed. The City Mile didn't allow headphones but that was only a mile. The last time I ran 10K without headphones was at the half marathon and I wasn't doing too well with that (although that could have something to do with the terribly weather and severe knee pain at the time).

There were quite a few runners (I forgot how many exactly) and they slowly started pouring in for registration and the likes. As the crowds gathered, my spirits lifted and I was ready to go.

The park was gorgeous! I was in the first group to head to the starting line, in the back you can see the masses gathering also. The route ran past the lake, through the gardens, and partially over the payment along the main road. 

I didn't take any pictures along the route as I was having this interesting tempo and I just didnt have the time. As I don't like trails too much (am too clumsy), I took it easy on those roads and as soon as we hit the pavement or a 'normal' road, I would speed up and therefore making up for lost time. There were pacers in the race and at some point I ended up between two pacing groups so it was really quiet, you don't really notice that you're in a race actually... until you hear the stampede behind you of the next pacer group. Trust me when I say that is quite scary! Because at this point you're a little tired and even though you're having a very even split, this group will pass you no matter what. So I tried to keep up for a bit until I had a chance to let them pass. Interesting experience really... 

As I tried to race to the end (and was taking what I thought were giant steps), one of the spectators shouted 'go on 263!', and then suddenly I realised: I'M 263! So I ran, and sped across the finish line :)

In the end I had a new PB of 1:00:47!! I was so pleased :)

Someone posted a video on Youtube about the run as well (you can see what I mean with 'what I thought were giant steps' LOL), check it out:

Saturday's race down, Sunday's to go... more on that tomorrow!


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