Running - Amba City Mile 2015

....and we're back!
To continue to busy running month of June, I ran the Amba City Mile on 13 June. It's a fairly new race and only in it's second year. It's free to enter and only a mile. Last year this was my first run after my injury so it was the perfect distance. This year it was one of many runs in June and even though it was short, I was a little concerned about the time I would put down. This definitely had something to do with the weather as it was cold and rainy. And it's June!

At least this year I wasn't in the last group :) That totally cheered me up already. There is nothing wrong with being in the last group of course, being in an earlier one just means I must be getting a bit faster and I'll take that anytime.

My wave was at 10.40 so I headed off to the starting point just outside St. Pauls. 

I didn't take any pictures along the way, it's only a mile and it's a business district so there is not much time or much to see really... They didn't allow headphones so it was a music-less mile and sadly I 'crashed' at the same point I did last year, just before the bend in the road heading to the finish line. It's such a boring stretch... I was going really well and was convinced I could finish in under 8 minutes. Until that point... 

In the end I finished in 08:08 which is still not bad. Oh those 8 seconds! On the plus side, I was 48 seconds faster than last year and that is an amazing difference :)

There was no time to make it to yoga class, and after I had waited 45 mins to collect my bag (it was a bit of a drama, this is one point they have to improve on!) I went to Bea's of Bloomsbury to get some cupcakes. I hardly ever venture into the area and they're the best cupcakes in town so with the finish line being just outside there, it was a must :) 

The times are getting better, the runs are getting better... I'm far from finished yet as I try to Run Through 2015. More to come!


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