Tourist Tuesday - Shaun in the City

I once did the Easter Egg trail in London, and since then there have been many more. There was the Olympic Mascot trail, the Paddington Bear trail, the London Bus trail, and most recently the Shaun the Sheep trail. Alas, I have only seen a few of each due to lack of time (and too much sport? hihi). When I was in town the other day with a friend we just stumbled onto some of the Shaun statues and I just had to share them with you, they were amazing! It was much to late to start the trail, but the ones we did find were just great :)

'Paradise Bunch' - outside the Cath Kidston store of course

'The Pearly King' - loved this one! So very British :)


'To Sheep Perchance To Dream' - just outside the Globe of course

'Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion'

The 'Chelsea Pen-Shaun-er'

This one is 'A Capital View', it's the Gherkin! 

It even had artwork on both sides, def loved this one :)

Doing these trails is always great fun. There is only one I'm sad to have missed, and that was one called 'Candy Baa'. a sheep all with dessert print. It was outside Covent Garden and we just didn't make it there. Oh well, maybe when the next trail comes along I will have some time to go on it?


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