Running T-shirt Beautifications

Hi everyone!
It's not technically upcycling as these are not in fact old or broken so I think it's more 'beautification'. I've been doing a LOT of runs recently (more on that later), and you know how some of them give you a shirt well in advance to wear for the event? I usually leave it too late to make changed, but this time I really wanted to make an effort with one of the shirts. Another one I wanted to amend was my standard MS Society tshirt, that I try to wear when I don't have an event shirt to wear. I really had to change it as the only reason I didn't wear it at the half marathon was because it was just too heavy and annoying for such a distance.

Let's start off with the MS Society tshirt. I forgot to take a 'before' photo, but if you've read my blog for a while, you may have seen the shirt worn at several events. It's just never really comfy so I just really wanted to change it. I used the same idea as the last post I wrote, and turned it into a vest. I overlocked the edges with black thread, and added some ribbons to the slits in the bottom I made to give it some more room around the hips. 

This is the end result. Just click on the image to enlarge it. It's not the official vest, you only get those when you run the marathon, but it definitely comes a close second and it has cute details now :)

Another race that is on the list is the Color Run, held in Wembley. Here they sent a normal tshirt as well, and I really wanted to change that too. I think I have enough vests for a while, so I used another option of 'girly-fying' as I had done with this one a while back. I just put the other girlyfied shirt onto this one, pinned around it, and sewed it up to make it tighter. I also cut the neckline into a boat cut to make it more comfortable. I didn't use the shirring for the sleeves, that was mainly because I'd cut too much off and there was no more room to do that. The good thing was that this fabric naturally rolled so that gave a really cute effect. 

I looked so much better! And I think I will also wear this outside of the run as it is super comfy material. :)

So if you plan in advance and take the time to make some quick changes, your running shirts can become amazing! I'll be posting on where I wore these soon so I hope you'll keep checking for any new posts! :)


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