London Stitch & Craft Show

Finally it was Saturday, the day of the Stitch & Craft Show! I got up early, got ready, managed to take all the right tubes and replacement buses as of course the TFL wasnt working properly again during the weekend, and arrived with time to spare at the venue. It wasnt as crowded as last year but that quickly changed the closer it got to 12pm. Sadly I didnt see anyone from my craft group who were supposed to be here, but I did meet up with Nada whom I hadnt seen in about a year. It was so nice to catch up again! A whole day of talking only about sewing and no one who complained :) I took some pics of the fair and also of the things I bought:

The entrance:
Some pictures of various stalls:
(more about this woman in the funny outfit later)
This stall had the cutest little witch hanging in their stall and I just had to photograph it!

Isnt is the cutest? I just had to :)

Of course some shopping was also done. Here is Nada shopping for beads...

And we tried to get a picture of me with a decent 'crafty' background. I actually bought some flowers here after for on a hat. It was so warm in there though!

Then we spotted this stall with the good beads :) They were selling large glass beads for only £2 each or 6 for £10 which was really good. In no time there were way too many people crowding around the little beading area.

Nada has also bought some beads :)

I then managed to strike up a conversation with the woman in the funny outfit. I thought I'd seen her on the Hoff show that was on E4 a while ago (yes, I like the Hoff, he is an icon. It is my weakness LOL) and it was actually her! What they do is they do a lot for charity and they sew a lot of buttons on their clothing. It's really heavy though. She told me the funniest thing about the Hoff show though: Because he was a recovering alcoholic, they werent allowed to drinka alcohol during the filming of the interview (which took place in the pub of course). So they all (somewhat unhappily) sipped their non-alcoholic drinks) when the Hoff walks in: completely smashed out of his head. So they all ran to the bar and ordered proper drinks. Hilarious!! This is her in her full buttony glory:

We walked around a little more and did some more essential shopping until it was finally time to go back home. I was sooo sleepy afterwards! But at least we managed to get our picture together in the tube in the last minute!

And this is the loot of the day:

A device to turns straps inside out (the last time I had to do this it took me an hour for one strap!), four rolls of ribbon (two glittery ones for the Mombi dress, and two with wire to make flowers) and one free mini-roll of red with orange dots, three necklaces with glass beads, a book on how to make cool sock puppets, metallic fowers for on a hat, metallic ribbon to make a bow for said hat, and pumpkin buttons (I spent ages looking through the box for two of the same ones!

All in all quite good I'd say :) Plus I had a great day!


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