Birthday in New York - part 1

It was my birthday last Sunday and as I am trying to be frugal and not buy stuff I dont need, I didnt want anything materialistic. So my present from the bf was a long weekend in New York! Isnt he the sweetest? It was so cool! I always wanted to go there just to check it out, and now I could finally go! We went from Friday till Monday (landing Tuesday and going straight to work, I was so exhausted!), stayed at a lovely and quaint hotel, and saw the sights of NYC such as the New York Library, Bryant Park, the Flatiron Building, the Empire State Building... the usual really...

(the above is an extremely NY picture I think LOL)

So it was really a weekend of much walking, visiting, and looking around. Extremely little shopping actually :) With the exchange rate it really wasnt worth it anyway...

On Sunday, my actual birthday, we went to Moma to visit the Tim Burton exhibition that I found on several blogs (I actually commented on one of them but forgot which one it was sorry). It being Sunday, it was extremely busy and we needed timed tickets so the whole day had to be rescheduled somewhat but it was well worth it :)

UPDATE 6 FEB 2014: Thanx to Getty Images' non-commercial blogger sharing images ability, I can now show you what the exhibition looked like inside, it was so amazing! Check out these pictures:

The entrance:

Oyster Boy:

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkinhead:

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory dolls

Victor from Corpse Bride (sadly there was no image of Emily)

The funny skeleton from Corpse Bride

Then we also had a birthday dinner at QM which was very good steak house and the food is to die for! I can highly recommend this place. A little pricey, but very very good steak :)So now I am older yet again... but at least I went out in style LOL. I'll blog more about the crafty side of the trip because of course there was one!


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