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Hi everyone!
I had a fantastic and active week last week! I ran about 7K on Monday and Wednesday, followed by some additional classes on those days as well as my regular yoga classes that week. So super busy! Well I had to try my new shoes :) Yeah, and that's where the fun ended... I somehow managed to damage the area between my toes and the top of my feet so now I'm out of action for a few days :(. I have no idea of it's the new shoes as had to go half a size bigger due to my current shoes giving my blue toenails which am sure isn't healthy. But I'm trying to stay positive (with the exception of Tuesday when some MS symptoms flared up and I was very worried) and am taking this opportunity to share my shiny new hot water bottle cover with you!


During our last cold spell I got really annoyed with my hot water bottle cover as it only had one layer of fleece and I kept having to be really careful with it (I'm sure I have a picture somewhere). In a (happy?) accident, my bottle also started leaking, so time to throw the whole lot out and replace it. I still had lots of the cupcake fleece leftover from the bathrobe, so that was to be the fabric I would use. Stash reduction and all that... I measured the old bottle cover and got started.

Cute, right? WRONG! The new bottle was slighly bigger than the old one so only juuuust fit. Plus I didn't create an overlap so I added these ribbons. Also very cute. Wrong again! These were a pain to put in and take out all the time. So this one had to go too. I would have to start again.

But the next version was much better :) I used the same pattern just a little bigger. Still a little tight around the bottle neck, but nothing that was a problem so this was it! And I even got to have a whole cupcake on the front :) The pointy bit at the bottom was still from the old pattern as the old bottle was this shape. The new one was just square. But by then it was all sewn up, so it just has to stay this way now.

And I remembered the flap! Granted, the top should fold over the bottom, but again not something I'm too fussed about. You know, one of these days I will make something that is perfect ;) I even added a little press stud to keep it from opening. Velcro was just too annoying to sew in...

I didn't want to throw away the 'wrong' cover so I made it into a drawstring bag but just cutting the top off and hemming it. I then wove the ribbon through the fleece directly. It's fleece, it doesn't need hemming!

And it still has a whole cupcake ;)

So even if it's not entirely perfect, at least now I can use my shiny new (and not leaking!) hot water bottle to ice and heat my feet as needed. According to my osteopath I should be ok in a few days if I keep this up.

Fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted anyway though. You know I will ;)


  1. Love that you made the 'wrong' cover into a little bag! You're sure making good use of that fabric!!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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