Star Wars Applique Top


After all my Star Wars projects over the years, I still had some fabric leftover. Not enough really to give to anyone as they were all cutoffs, but I did still have one of the plain black tops which my friend gave to me a few years back that I wanted to make something nice out of. Having gone to several conventions and my LOTNA meets, I realised that I didn't actually own a Star Wars top. Well, that needed to be changed :)

I used the cutoffs I had and positioned them on the shirt. I then used my usual applique technique (LOL that rhymes) and my shiny new sewing machine to sew them on. I am so pleased with the result!

Originally, I wanted Yoda to be on the front, but due to the funny cut of this piece, the back worked better.

I added the large Darth Vader piece on the front, and a small Storm Trooper on the bottom side.

I needed something with the Star Wars logo, so I added that too on one of the shoulders, the opposite side of the little Storm Trooper.

I finally have a Star Wars top!

And it was all made from leftovers too, so didnt cost me a penny. I love projects like this :)


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