Running - Colour the Coast 2014 in Hastings

Hi all,

We've done our first run together! This one was actually the weekend after my 10K Race for Life but I didn't get a chance to blog about it earlier with the tutorial and the giveaway. I saw this event on Facebook a little while back and managed to convince the bf to join in. It would be his first ever running event and it would be a messy one at that :) The entry fee was normal (some of them are bordering on the insane) and the distance was only 4K, so this promised to be a fun weekend away. 

So I booked a hotel and off we went. The race was due to start at 11am which would be lots of time to get to Hastings from London, but I really didnt want to get up at like 7am to run a race at 11 so this was way easier. So at around 9ish we got ready to pick up our racing shirts...

On the way we were spotted by some volunteers for St. Michael's Hospice who was hosting the event and the next thing I knew we were all over Facebook LOL

We just collected our running shirts (yes the shirt adds like 5 pounds in this outfit for me LOL). There were so many jokes about us having matching outfits! Maybe next time the bf should have a tutu also? ;)

As we were waiting for the race to start, the bf managed to find the ONLY bit of shade in the area...

We were in the first batch of people to start, whoohoo! Getting closer now!
(no pics of the middle of the race, too scared to get dust in my phone)

But lots of piccies when we arrived back covered in coloured powder!

Yay we did it! It was not my best racing day, it was warm, it was late, but it was fun :) We managed 4.34K in 26:39 which is 6:08 min/km. Not my best, but it was alright. The bf could have done it way faster, but running together was nice for a change too. The most difficult bits was when we went from the path onto the pebble beach. That was hard!

More and more people arrived, all in various states of colours, some more than others. My tutu was made of netting (petticoat material) so nothing really sticks to it, which is super handy for getting it back home again!

We were only a tiny bit covered really, but we had so much fun!

We collected our free colour packets and had some fun. I chose purple of course ;)

Then there was the big colour cloud, one of many. We were actually somewhere in the middle there, so we couldnt take a picture, but I got this picture off the Facebook page of St Michael's Hospice. They have some great pics of the event! You can check out their website and any other charity events they host here. All credit for the above two photos goes to them of course.

After the run we sat down on a terrace (wonderful!) with a nice cold drink (even better!), and the cherry on the cake was that this steak house we really wanted to go to let us in even covered in dust. It doesn't get much better than that!

For the trip home I'd planned ahead, so we collected our bags from the hotel and just took off the top layer of clothing so that we were all ready for the train home.

In comparison to the Colour Run in Wembley, this was a small event. But it was much more personal because of that and less commercial. It was really great fun and I hope to be back next year :) 


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