Upcycling Skirts

Hi everyone!
We've been really busy these last two weeks so I haven't had time to post anything. But so much has happened that I have a ton to share :) First of all, let me share my two new skirts with you. T he summer is nearly at an end but the weather is still nice for a few days so I just have enough to take them out for a test run. The first skirt I bought at the quarterly TRAID sale for only £2. Not a lot of upcycling happening there, it was only two sizes too big for me, so I just chopped a bit off the top and added a new elastic. The photo didn't come out very well, but the skirt has a lot of material and is lovely and purple :)

I also may have a crooked line somewhere but as it's a skirt no one is going to notice.

The second project is definitely an upcycling project!

One of the girls from work gave me this dress. Not entirely my style but I like the bottom part with the lacing so it has potential. Before it went off to the charity shop, I had a go at improving this.

Again I chopped off the top and added elastic. Simple but effective :)

I now have a lovely new skirt for at work!

These were instant gratification projects, some of those are needed too every now and then ;) I still have so many projects in the works, especially as I decluttered my crafting area and found a lot of stuff I actually forgot I had! My creativity sense is tingling... 


  1. LOVE that purple skirt at the top! What a great find for 2pounds!! and the other one looks better as a skirt than a dress! Very cute!

  2. I like it! It's cute.
    Thanks so much for linking!


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