Tourist Tuesday - Dover

Hi everyone!
It's Tourist Tuesday!! A few months ago, as a belated birthday surprise, the bf took me on a weekend (or mini-break as Bridget Jones would say) to Dover. Since I normally book our trips, I really wanted to go somewhere where I didn't have to look after anything and I was not disappointed!

We did go on a lovely birthday dinner on the day itself of course!

We had a lovely late start and arrived in Dover in the afternoon. The weather was cold but nice (this was early April by the way) so we took a stroll along the pier. Blue skies!

One has to take some touristy pics after all ;)
After our stroll we went back to the hotel for a nice massage followed by dinner and a nice relaxing evening.

Dover has a castle which we had to visit of course! As you can see, the weather had turned a bit nasty by then though, it was so foggy we couldn't see anything! And yes it was very windy too. But we were determined and battled through the weather.

It was a very cool castle though with so much to see! It belonged to English Heritage so the entrance fee was quite steep but it was so worth it. We did every tour and saw absolutely everything! I think we spent 5 hours there in the end.

When it started raining, we sheltered in this small chapel. I was delighted to see these cross-stitch cushions :)

After some more visiting, a break was needed and we headed to the cafe for a nice cuppa. Honestly, this was so needed! I am obviously in love with it ;)

The weather cleared up a bit and we walked up to the vantage point. It was so windy!! But there was a very interesting display on WW2 and how this castle was involved, it was amazing!

By the end of our visit, the weather had pretty much cleared up, the sun even came out a bit! We didn't get to walk along the famous Cliffs of Dover (we would have been blown off am sure) but the castle alone was worth going here. Plus of course the massage and the fact that the whole trip was arranged for me instead of by me :)

Slowly we're seeing much more of the country. Really, why not visit more places if they're easy to get to (and have a castle?) so I really hope we're going to do more of this. But then there is always something to do in London as well... argh I need more free time in the day!


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