Yoga Bag for Guys

Hi everyone!
It's been a super busy week so I haven't had a lot of time for blogging. But I have something really nice to share with you again, check out the yoga bag I made for the bf! 

I started taking yoga classes sometime last year to see if I would like it. Good yoga teachers are like gold dust and I was so lucky to find my current teacher! After about 6 months I dragged the bf along for a test lesson and he signed up the same evening. He was hooked! Now, another 6 months later, he is way ahead of me but he motivates me in taking a lot more classes than I would normally and points out things I can improve. When I got my own mat and made my yoga bag, I was playing with the idea of making one for him too once he got a mat he liked. But making bags for guys is hard! All the cutesy quilting fabrics are kind of out already, and a stripey bag would not look out of place in Alcatraz so that wasn't an option either. Plus it's been a while since I made something for the bf that he actually loved so I wanted to get this right. Once he found a mat he liked, I gave him a pile of fabric I had in my stash and told him to pick whatever he wanted. It took a while and some um-ing and ah-ing but the final result was very nice actually. He chose a greyish fabric (the yoga mat is grey) with a grey/blue tartan for the lining. Very masculine but still nice enough to make into a yoga bag. The fabrics were more clothing fabrics than quilting fabrics, but I really need to get my stash down and this was perfect. And now that I have used the grey fabric, I'm so pleased I never made the trousers I bought it for! Oh my, the ironing... ! Let me show you the details:

The lining fabric, a very thick tartan. The bag has three layers of fabric: the tartan lining, an in-between layer of grey linen (I have tons of this linen!), and a top layer of thin grey clothing fabric.

The strap from the front, I love that it is a wide strap!

The customary three pockets had the tartan lining as well.

I really liked these fabric choices, not something I would have thought of at all (really, no purple?) but I'm very pleased with the result.

So you see, it is very possible to make a yoga bag for guys. You just need to think outside the box. Or let the guy choose his fabric! :)

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  1. Nice yoga mat bag. I have made a few like this - always nice to make something functional.


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