Halloweening - Trip to Salem, MA (2009)

At exactly this time last year, on 16 October 2009, I arrived in Salem! I had been wanting to there for as long as I can remember, or possible since I found out about the wonderful feast that is Halloween and the movie Hocus Pocus. There was more to it of course, but I think that's where it started. And so, last year I finally decided to go on my 'pilgrimage'. Leaving the bf at home, this was something I had to do myself. It had been a while since I'd been travelling alone, and it was very cool to do it again (although the hotel prices were outrageous for a single traveller!). But this was my little treat (ok maybe not so 'little') and even though I tried not to spend too much on hotels etc, I did want something comfy. Especially since I was back at the hotel each night at about 8pm, too tired to do anything else after a whole day of sightseeing! Which wasnt bad coz I could order room service or just bring something from wherever I came from and watch Halloween shows all evening :) Of course I didnt only go to Salem, but it was the coolest thing about my holiday. I even went back spontaneously for a few hours just before I left for Providence :) I only stayed for one night actually as I was super late with booking this and I managed to get the last room in the Hawthorne Hotel which is where I really wanted to stay in the first place. I couldnt believe that I managed to get a room there! So in this wonderful time of Halloween (yay!) I wanted to reflect on my lovely holiday to the US and my visit to Salem (more bits and pieces will follow of other Halloweeny things I did while in the US):

Salem, I have arrived! (This was actually taken on the 2nd visit as I forgot to do this the first time. I was really trying to take a nice pic so I dont look really happy, but nevermind that.

One of the first things I did (other than go oooh and aaahh every two seconds) was have my picture taken at the (eh... I forgot the name) touristy picture studio and it was so cool! I was really jetlagged though so I look a little tired and for some reason I really wanted to wear the brown costume... Also my hair is a disaster but at least I got to be all witchy for a bit :) I selected 4 pics that I really like:

I'm gonna catch you!!!
Ok this is a little weird but it was the last photo and I had finally loosened up a little...

LOL I just love this! It took a while for me to really get into it though, so I would love to go back there and do it again but wide awake (and self-assured) this time :) I was a little shy here... Also, someone NEEDS to tell me how to make a hat like that! They had so many and they were soooo cool! :)

After the shoot I went shopping, looked around a bit, and saw the sites. Oh my, I could post so many pics as it was so great there! But I'll pace myself and only give you a glimpse. :)

Of course I saw Samantha :)

Joined my scary friends in Salem Witch Village

The fabric shop, it was this cutest quilt fabric shop ever! They're based right in the centre of the village, check out their website here. They had a great selection on Halloween fabrics (one of the reasons I was there after all). I spent many hours there and the lady helped me pick out so many fabrics! I need to send her a pic of the finished quilt (once I get started that is) Dont you just love the decor?

This was the CANDY STORE! How cool is that? I bought the yummiest candy corn here :)

After missing the Halloween Cruise due to relocation issues and strong winds, I kind of accidentally ended up at Laurie Cabot's store. I had to queue for an hour (seems like London) but then I was in. What a great shop! I didnt buy much as I couldnt bring much back anyway but just being there was really great :)

After some more wandering I passed 'Old Bag Lane', check it out, it was so funny! Apparently they have a different theme each year, so keep an eye out for it if you go!

Isnt this just gorgeous? I would love to live here really... so much nature :) I think I could live here... although the tourists would drive me insane... but think about it, this is probably the only town where it is ok to have your house all halloweened up for entire year! hahahaha

I was so lucky with the weather because even though it was freezing (it snowed the next day in Boston) it never rained and I got some really nice photos :) I really want to go back now! Btw, did you know there is a blog about Salem? Check it our here if you're interested. This guy at work once said that I was stupid for going all the way to Salem and that it was awful. He actually came up to me the other day and apologised as he had now actually been there and he loved it. Hihi, I knew I was right :)

So that was pretty much the extent ofmy trip to Salem. Of course I visited almost all of the museums, bought some very cool tshirts, some twirly devil's horns at their Saturday market (I didnt want to post TOO MANY pics of myself LOL), missed the Halloween Cruise but found a good hairdresser to fix the disastrous hair, watched Rocky Horror Picture Show live at their cinema (they had a whole show etc, it was very cool), and did a ghost walk. It was an amazingly great time! More later on what I did in Boston and Providence as it's all Halloweeny too!


  1. Hello! I stopped in from a post on the Hawthorne Hotel's website wherein Juli linked over to your blog and I'm so glad she did as I think it's totally cool that you got to come all the way over from England and visit Salem.

    I live in Connecticut and have been to Salem a handful of times. My last trip up I finally got to stay at the Hawthorne (something I had really, really wanted to do!) and I just loved it. I've been corresponding with Juli and have made arrangements to go back up in December and spend a night in each of the "haunted" rooms. Yep, that's right, I'm crazy!

    Still, what I really love about Salem is not just that it's Halloween all year (one of my very favorite holidays) but that it's chock full of all kinds of history - not just about the witch trials but about seafaring and the merchants that lived in Salem - the very wealthy merchants - and the other early settlers in this country. The whole place just fascinates me to no end!

    There is no way that you were stupid for going all the way to Salem and I think it was quite neat that you made the trip all on your own, too! Cheers to you!

    I've got a good blogging buddy that lives in Widnes who is supposed to be making a trip over here next year and we've definitely got Salem on the list of places to go so perhaps I'll send her over here to take a look at your blog so she can see what you thought, too.

    Happy Halloween to you!

  2. Oh, and I totally forgot to say that was an excellent choice at the iHop! The New York Cheesecake pancakes are just about my very favorite except when they do their holiday hotcakes and then it's hard to choose between the Gingerbread, the Eggnog, or the Pumpkin!


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