Blackberry Cover Birthday Present

Once again, as every year, it is my sister's birthday today :)
Happy Birthday Sis!

This was when my sister visited me and we went to the Harry Potter platform at King's Cross :)
Last year I made her a flower, a makeup bag, and some gloves which she needed for her work. This year I also really wanted to make her something special. My sister had also just gotten herself a Blackberry (in black) and needed a pouch for it. Me to the rescue! If you have been a reader for a while, you might remember this fabric that I won in a giveaway:

I didnt have the chance to use it yet, but suddenly the opportunity arose. My sister likes natural colours... white, green, blue, etc... So this fabric was perfect for her present :) The idea was the same as mine just in different colours.

The front: green/white/pink as base fabric with a pouch in green and black swirls on white. I added a black on white polka dotted ribbon to cover the top handstitching.

The back: the same swirl fabric in black and white on pink with the green/white/pink fabric as the pouch. The lining is pink fleece to protect the Blackberry screen.

Shot from the other side, somehow from this angle it looks much longer hihi

The back from the other side too

The front has a little bow as a girl addition which I think is really cute :)

I already have confirmation from my sister that she loves it, I am so pleased!

Happy Birthday Big Sis, and big hugs!!


  1. I am sure your sister will use it & think of you all the time. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays!

  2. It's nice that your sister loved her birthday present. Well, who wouldn't love that pouch? It looks very lovely and I want one myself.


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