Green Plush Monster

Good morning,
So instead of finished the present for someone else at work whose birthday it is tomorrow, I'm here blogging about a present I made for my colleague's other son. As described in yesterday's blog about my yoyo clown, I had half a meter of bright green plush which was quite strong in colour and not something I would have use for any other way.

I knew I wanted to make some sort of stuffed animal with it and spent many days Googling pictures to get ideas. During my time surfing images for 'green plush' things, I found these monsters by Love and a Sandwich. Arent they the cutest? I liked them so much that I used this as inspiration for the present and make something like this :) So this is what I made:

Taken in the bf's mini studio of course, I think the monster felt like a star! :)

Frontal shot showing off the horns. I decided on evil looking demon horns in orange to really clash with the green.

For the 'feet' I chose some leftover green/white striped fabric, it matched the original green really well. I couldnt add any orangy to match the horns as all that was reserved for the infamous Halloween quilt.

Closeup shot showing the facial features (the teeth were hilarious to gather, especially with my current dental appointments, LOL) and also the feet again

I'm really pleased how this came out :)

All credit of course goes to Love and a Sandwich for giving me the inspiration for this! I know someone was very happy to receive this gift :) And all this with some leftover plush, leftover cotton, fiberfill, and some felt bits (the eyes had pvc fabric in the middle), it was practically free!


  1. Great job on the monster! He even scared me(lol)!!

  2. Ha. This really adorable!!! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing:)
    xoxo Hanna

  3. I love your monsters, I think they are adorable.


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