Homemade Sushi!

At Saturday's HYPER JAPAN, I bought a make-your-own-sushi kit as a souvenir to myself. Today I had this massive craving for sushi and just had to try :) So I went online and checked some recipes and instructions and tips and bought some last minute stuff at Tesco. The fish monger there assured me that their salmon is sushi grade which was excellent as my backup was crab sticks (salmon sounded better LOL). The bf was away so this was my chance to see if I could do that and possible only poison myself if anything went wrong. *grin*

So after two hours (!) of making rice and moulding sushi, I finally have a plateful :) I am so proud! Not hungry anymore due to constant nibbling but so proud! And it tastes yummy too if I say so myself. The egg sushi (keep forgetting the name) still needs perfecting and not turn out quite so brown but the taste is great!

Yes very pleased :) I didnt make the dress I was supposed to make but at least I have fresh sushi, hihi. Curious? Check this out:

LOL this is way too much for little me but the bf is on the way and when I sent him this picture he already claimed half the plate! hahaha, let's hope he likes it then :)

I found great instructions here:
How to make salmon nigiri
Sushi rice

Plus this lot has cost me about £5-6 instead of £30 which is even better!

Next time I will try more fillings, but this a lot of sushi already. Mmm, must have another piece *munch munch*...


  1. Beautiful arrangement of the colorful food ... but I'm gagging so badly at the thought of sushi in my mouth that I must go now.

  2. I love sushi - make it myself too - do you know sushi means sour rice due to the vinegar, not raw fish? Thank you for your comment about my cup cake beany bag. Tone

  3. SUSHI! I love love LOVE sushi-I might have to start making my own. I found you through Momma's kind of crafty's link party and I would love it if you could link this up to my weekly link party Tutorial Tuesday!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  4. Thanks for linking this up to my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Come on over on the 6th & show some more awesome stuff.


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