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My friend Lauren from Bookworm Eats Flower is pregnant and is expecting a girl. Finally someone expecting a girl! Up until now and ever since I've been making baby clothes, everyone I know has had boys... So on Sunday Lauren had her baby shower. Well, I call it a baby shower but it was more of a get together with friends celebrating the upcoming baby. There was a temple ceremony in the morning and even though I really wanted to join in, it was at 8am on a Sunday morning and it was over an hour from my house. So I just went for the 'shower' in the afternoon.

Of course presents had to be made and I found some of the cutest tutorials in blogland for girly baby stuff that had to be used :) The end result is this:

In more detail:

The traditional onesie. I chose a really cute girly piece of fabric for the applique with fireflies, Lauren loved it!

A closeup of the applique. I love it also actually :) Rather than shapes like for the boys, I chose a really cute print. I used the fabric I had leftover from the ironing board cover, the fabric is by Debbie Mumm.

Very cute sunhat in turquoise and pink, with added yellow gingham ribbon which ties everything together colourwise. The tutorial can be found here, the instructions are really good! The piles of ruffles were a bit tricky but I really hope it will fit. It somehow looks a little flatter than the one in the tutorial... In any case it looks cute ;)

I even made a matching ruffles chin strap as I didnt have the elastic mentioned in the tutorial.

I also made these adorable booties out of fluffy pink fleece. The tutorial can be found here. My printer wasnt working so I had to freehand the pattern but I think they should fit... let's hope so!

Again I added the yellow gingham ribbon and some blue flowers in the centre also. They're so cute and soft :)

And this is it altogether. See how the yellow ribbon ties it all together? I think Lauren liked it too :)

Well that was one part of the presents I had to make... more will come but they're not at their owners yet so you will have to be patient! ;)


  1. Great selection of cute presents! I especially like the sunhat! Do you think a bigger version would suit an adult? or is that pushing cuteness too far?? :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. so cute:) i love the hat too:)


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