Zoo Lates at the London Zoo

Hi all,
After what seemed to be the longest week in the history of mankind, we went to the zoo. London Zoo opens late for a few night every summer and there is lots to do. I'm usually not a huge fan of the zoo but decided to join a few friends who were going. Plus I got a really good deal via one of those online voucher websites (see bottom of this post for more details) which made this even better.

So what is Zoo Lates? The London Zoo opens up for adults only from 6pm until about 10pm where you can see the animals going to bed. Well, not actually to BED of course, that would be so funny... I'm just imagining a giraffe putting his PJs and crawling underneath the covers LOL. Ok, back on topic... the best thing about the Zoo Lates is that it is for adults only. No offence to anyone with kids out there, but sometimes it's really nice to go somewhere without being run over by prams or having drinks/ice creams/food spilled on you by mini-mes or instantly deafened by a very loud cry/screech. Especially after a really long week at work. Plus they serve alcohol and food which is a plus for some.

Being the natural hobbit that I am, I found the food court immediately, only to be greeted by this roast hog. It looked really yummy but then there was another stall selling buffalo burgers which I just had to try. And you can find hog roast at any English event. Buffalo... not so much.

Then it was dinner time for the penguins and the zoo had this new penguin habitat which was really nice. I was way too short to see much but I tried to get some pics by holding my camera up in the air. Long live digicams! Arent these penguin's cute?

On the way to the giraffes, one of my friends just had to show me his tshirt... I think this pic is so funny, check out the bf in the background!

Then we saw the giraffes getting their evening meal. Here is one eating inside...

And two eating outside. You could climb up the steps to see them really close but there were so many people that I just let this one go. Still like the pic though :)

We also went into the butterfly dome where some butterflies were posing for us. Well, I tried about 10 mins to photograph this one until he finally sat down somewhere...

This is by far my favourite picture of the whole evening. This butterfly was also eating its dinner, and didnt mind at all that people were taking photos. And yes, I made this with my tiny little point and click camera :) *proud*

We lost some of our group after the butterflies and headed to the big cats section where we saw lions and tigers and bears oh my! Well, this zoo didnt actually have bears but am sure one of my friends would qualify ;)

As the animals were slowly getting ready for 'bed', the humans got ready to party. There was a silent disco, fuelled with lots of Pimms from the neighbouring stalls. As we were all getting really tired, we checked out one more section of the zoo before we headed back:

We saw this guy :) He was really cute although a little hard to spot underneath all the woodlife around him. This was a majorly zoomed in shot btw. I have no idea what this animal is called but he was a nice way to end the evening.

LinkIt's me!!! OMG I look really tired... and in the background is the dragon. Well, I think it had the word dragon in its name anyway... I forgot to highlight him to make him easier to see but he's there. Did you see him?

After that we went home where I fell asleep within about 5 seconds after all that walking! (no alcohol for me, am still on meds for the treatment). But it sure was fun :)

And now, for anyone in London who wants to go... KGB Deals is having another offer to go on the 8th of July. Just click here, enter your details, and you'll only pay £9 instead of £20. That's a huge saving! So this Friday, from 6-10pm, it's fun!


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