Pirates in the Museum!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I always attend the annual PirateCon. Sadly not this year as I had one of my 3-hour sessions at the dentist and so I had to miss out. By the time I was done and got all kitted out it was already 3pm and it just wasnt worth traipsing through London for an hour to get to the location, only to find out that the pirates had planned to go all the way to Greenwich! With the tubes that day it would have been a disaster to get home so I decided to give it a miss. Sad of course but not a total loss. Let me tell you why...

About a week before the PirateCon, the Captain Kidd Exhibition opened in the Museum of London Docklands (more on Captain Kidd here) And as a special opening treat, anyone dressed as a pirate was entitled to FREE RUM! I was still on meds from the dentist but still, pirates in the museum is a must and so I dragged the bf along and we went to the opening night.

This was on a Friday evening straight from work so I had to get changed at the office (I wore the skirt already which already raised a few comments, let alone the stares once I was in complete pirate outfit!). It took us about an hour to get there (it's London after all) and we were just in time. Upon arrival, a homeless (quite drunk) person told us we looked ridiculous which was hilarious if you would have seen what he was wearing. And at least we came en masse:

Lots of pirates had already gathered there and were waiting to be let in.

First stop: free rum! Every pirate received a free shot glass of rum. I gave mine to the bf coz of the meds so he was happy ;) This one woman in front of us had joined the queue but was not dressed as a pirate and consequently sent to the 'paying' queue. Her reaction was priceless, espescially since the girl at the bar demonstrably put the cork in the bottle while sending the woman away ;)

Once the majority of our group had gathered, we need a proper pirate pic of course. All say 'yaaarrghh!'. LOL. Shame I'm not standing properly here as I still love this outfit but you can still see it better in the old photos from last year's PirateCon.

We also tried to take a cool-pirate-with-his-lovely-pirate-lady-lovey-dovey picture but I kept falling over which was quite funny. And I didnt even have any rum! But I was trying the whole foot in the air while being dreamily in love pose which so didnt work...

In the end we got a good shot though :)

As we walked through the rest of the museum (you needed tickets for the tour of the Captain Kidd exhibition which we had missed due to rum distraction and some of the people in the group had them for a later time so we did the rest of the museum first), we found a cute tiny bar that served a gin pirate cocktail. Free for pirates :)

The ingredients... I begged the recipe off the bartender and he gave it to me, but only for like a huuuge quantity! The bf is currently trying to scale it down to one glass ;) I only had a sip but the bf loved it and as we were pirates we got lots of free refills :) We certainly pirated up the place!

As we went back to the main exhibition, we passed this contraption, the Puss&Mew. Apparently during the English prohibition-like era, it was hard to get alcohol anywhere. So what you would do, you would visit this doorway, sit on the chair and pretend to search for your lost cat. You would knock on the door saying 'puss puss' and hold the cat's tail to your mouth after which the person behind the door would pour some gin though a hose which you would then received via the 'cat tail'. Here is the bf trying this out. It was so funny!

We werent allowed to take pictures in the actual exhibition but it was quite interesting. There was also a crafting floor (which I missed as we spent too much time in the bar!) but I did get to make a button with a pirate on it :) The rest of the museum is all about ships and sea trade and everything and quite interesting also. I can highly recommend this exhibition. Even without rum or gin ;)


  1. A Pirate Convention???? Wow, really sounds like fun! Your costume (and BF's) are great ... I would love to go, especially to the Puss & Mew, but too far for an old gal like me to travel; so thanks for sharing the visit with me! P.S. Was Johnny Depp there????


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