Another Needlebook

Hi all!
See, told you I would keep posting ;) Hihi...

As a Christmas present, I made a needle book for one of the girls in my team at work. She asked me several times for mine to she could fix something, so now I made her her own to carry with her when I'm not around. I made it so that she wouldnt need a bag with several things but an all-in-one item. She loves colour, so I used some lovely colourful felts.

The front. It closed by putting the elastic on the right around the butterfly button. The stitching is a little uneven because I used the inside as a guideline. On the plus side, the inside looks very even! ;)

The back. The elastic starts with the blue butterfly button.

Folded out. I put some cardboard in between two layers of felt to make it stronger. I love this felt, it's so cute!

The first 'page'. On the left I added safety pins and buttons.

Centre page: sewing needles in various sizes on the left, and pins on the right.

On the last 'page' I made a pouch to hold some spools of thread.

I made the centre page blue not knowing she LOVES pink (she is not very obvious about it), but at least I included some pink thread, hihi. She was surprised by this gift and I think she liked it, but just in case I bought her a lovely tin of cookies that I will bring her tomorrow as well. Just in case...

This weekend I had a London day but more about that tomorrow. Please dont forget to vote in the meantime!


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