Knit Sweater to Skirt Upcycle

Heyhey again!
Finally another craft to blog about. The crafting is not the problem, the getting someone to take pictures is! LOL... These are done with the self time so not the best but the idea is there.

Anyway, a few months ago, I bought a brown knit sweater in the charity shop sale for £2. It had a turtle neck and extremely long sleeves which had the same turtle neck idea but for sleeves. Confused yet? Yeah, so was I! So the first thing that had to go were the sleeves. I cut about half of them off and hemmed the sleeves. The sweater was now wearable but still not great...

What do you think? The knit design wasnt bad, but the stripes started about halfway down my middle and it did nothing to flatter my figure. One of the side has just sewn on buttons, on the other side the buttons actually open. That gave me an idea: a skirt!

Getting to the point already took some weeks, but once I had it in my mind I had to do this immediately. So I cut off the collar and the sleeves. I didnt have to hem the bottom or anything as that was the part I wanted to keep, so all I had to do was sew up the sides where the sleeves used to be, and turn over the top to be able to add a ribbon to tie it up. All in all this took about 10 minutes.

And taadaa! My new skirt! I absolutely love it! It is so nice and warm! And not too short so I can still wear it at the offce :)

The side split is actually really cute but because it is not meant to be a skirt split it usually overlaps and you can only see it a bit when I walk.

Honestly, this must be the warmest skirt I ever made! And all for £2 as I still had the ribbon in my stash :) Well, I would have discarded the sweater otherwise as I really hated wearing it. But now I love it! I kept the sleeves and the collar because you never know, I might find another project for those :)

I know not everyone dares to cut up something knitted but trust me, it's really not that scary. As long as you hem the cut edges it's all easy peasy. Have a look in your wardrobe, there might be a gorgeous skirt in there too somewhere!

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  1. goed idee! Waar os de tijd dat ik nog minirokjes maakte van kussenslopen ! ( lang lang geleden, dit doet me daar aan denken ;) )

  2. LOVE it!! A not so lovely sweater makes a fabulous skirt! I'm off to vote for you!

  3. I have never cut into a sweater to refashion. How do you stop the wool from unravelling? The skirt would be super soft and so cosy and warm! Great refashion!


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