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Hi all!
It is time for yet another project! Yes another quick one but hopefully come Feb I will have time for a bigger project. Here is hoping! A little while ago I found a makeup mirror in my mess. It was silver (well plastic butt the colour was silver) and it was bashed up quite a lot with smudges all over the poor thing!

OMG, we're watching 'Unforgiven' while I write this and I can tell that I write like they speak in that movie! LOL not very handy ;)

Anyway, I've also been cutting out images from various magazines to make cards with one day, so I thought why not MP the mirror?

On the left the mirror, on the right the image I chose to MP with. NO this is NOT Barbie! Much to the amusement of my colleagues, this is a picture of a porcelain poppy doll from a magazine.

I cut out the shape and MPd the image on (this took a few tries) but in the end I think I got it right. What do you think?

Now I wont have to be embarrassed to take out the mirror! Though this pic is really not my best one, but just go with it for now.

I just love Mod Podge!!

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  1. Ok, I REALLY must try out modgepodge this year! Love your new look mirror!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. This is REALLY CUTE!! I'll have to try this sometime!.. Actually, a good number of these would be great do-ahead gift basket/stocking fillers for Christmas too! (Bonus!).. Thanks, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. Love the idea.. The lady you mod podge is so much fun!
    Thanks for linking..


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