Let's Bento!

Hi everyone!
TGIF :) Safe and sound at home and planning my weekend :) This has been my first Bento week! You see, a few months ago (I forget the occasion) the bf gave me the The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches to Go book as a present, and after reading so many nice reviews in blogland, I really wanted to start bringing bento lunches to work. With some of the kiddy things of course too, one doesnt need to be grown up all the time, hihi!

Of course I havent read the book entirely yet and it took me months to find the perfect bento box. But around Christmas I was online and via a forum on moneyexpert.com I found the link to this plastic container, now lovingly called 'yoghurt pot'. I love it so much I even posted it on facebook! LOL.
Yes, I have to admit that I bought a pink one as eating yoghurt from a blue container just wasnt appealing to me. As there was a sale on at the time, I also saw a box set in these colours with dividers! Granted, you can remove the dividers but these were just too cute!

Originally I had planned to use the blue one, but when they arrived it turned out the blue one was just gigantic!! So for now I use the pink. And it is very very pink... So now that all supplies arrived, let's Bento!

Breakfast: I used the yoghurt pot on Monday immediately. I did have other versions that looked much nicer but this was taken yesterday when I remembered to take the pic. This particular yoghurt had mandarins and apple pieces in the bottom, then yoghurt with banana slices in the top (the bottom part was full). I love it!!

Lunch: I havent tried a warm lunch yet, but with these insanely warm temperatures it's not quite necessary yet and this was most of the stuff I had at home already. Most of the time I had bread with something, here you can see three slices of bread with meat on one side, and a cucumber/tomato salad on the other side. My lovely car egg is added in a silicone cupcake holder (in blue to match the rest, got these at Poundland). I also have a fish shape but that one always falls apart. My colleagues were making fun of my car egg and my age but hey, food can be fun sometimes! :)

Afternoon snack: I used the green divided container for my 4pm snack: carrots with houmous. I also had some celery left which I used to fill the gaps when I ran out of carrots. Once again the houmous is placed in a silicone cupcake holder. Yummy and healthy!

I felt very healthy! Though because it does seem like a lot of food (it's not really, is it?) I do feel like I ate so much this week. But I only had one tiny chocolate a day instead of crisps and a massive lunch and about 10 chocolates so it's definitely an improvement. Plus I saved some money by bringing in my lunch (which I've done before but I was extremely lazy with it for the last few months). Now I just have to work it out so I'm not too stressed in the morning making all this! Maybe try the night before...

It's only the first week after all, let's see how long it will last. But that's why I bought the cute containers, my incentive hihi. Let's see what happens next week. I will take pics if I remember :)

Weekend is finally here and I still need to make something to bring to the show and tell meet tomorrow, as well as prepare most of the presents for my friend for when I am going to visit her. I have a busy week ahead, but lots of stuff planned for tomorrow so watch this space,
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  1. Now they look like DEELicious bento lunches. But please do explain about the shaped eggs!! Do you crack the eggs into the mould and then microwave them? I've never seen that done before and think it is super cool - I want to try too!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. They look scrummy - I am back to work next week and in need of inspiration for lunches - going to have to get me a box like yours

    Like Jill I'd also love to know how to make the car egg - the guys at work would be so jealous!


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