Inspirational Visit to Hobbyworld in NL

Hi all!
About once a year, I fly home for a family visit. This was one of those times... I still had some holidays left from 2011 which I had to taken in January so off I went last week for a few days in the mother country. Geez, if you thought it rained much in London! I think I brought it with me because for 4 days we ONLY had rain, and not just a little bit!

But anyway, as I was planning this, I mentioned this to a friend I met at EFF 2 years ago and we have been Facebooking ever since. She runs a craft shop and always invites me to come over. Sadly her shop is far far away and unreachable without a car so that was thus far impossible. UNTIL she mentioned that the shop had moved and she would gladly pick me up from the airport for a visit and drop me off at the train station in the evening. Score!! So we spontaneously organised this and off I went. Her store is amazing!! It has two floors and plenty of crafting space :) Sadly I didnt take a pic of the outside (it was pouring rain after all) but here is an idea, maybe you will get inspired also :)

This is Bep, she runs this place. Busy as always, here talking to two phone simultaneously. It was hilarious!

The crafting area downstairs. I'm sure it looks nicer with people in it but this space is great I think.

The crafting area upstairs, where this nice lady who ended up driving me back to the train station is helping out making this year's EFF dresses

These are the dresses they made here for last year's EFF, all still on display. I'm sure these inspire others :)

Like me, Bep loves Halloween and has a themed week or so in her store where they all dress as witches. This is the witchy corner with costumes they made in the store. I love these!

Of course I had to snoop around a bit and look, just in front of me, all purple buttons!!

And a whole space of purple fabric, ON SALE!! I wonder if that was done just for me? ;) Nevertheless, it was too good a photo opp to miss. Look, shiney!! Btw, am wearing my upcycled skirt here and this purple vest I got last week for £2 at the charity shop. I was nice and warm :)

During my browsing around the shop, I spotted this photo album. My friend's first crafting love is scrapbooking, and look who is on display in all her glory? Me! In the Mombi dress from when we met :) So sweet :) The group pictures is showing their group at EFF last year.

As one of the goals of going home was to get all my stuff that was still there, I couldnt bring much back from this store, but I did buy a bottle of Powertex:

I got the clear one, and I already have an idea for it, but I still have until June so plenty of time to tell you about that. This is Powertex, a fabric hardener. I saw what my friend did with the new EFF dresses and I must say I am impressed! So let's see what this will become :)

I hope you're a little bit inspired after seeing this gorgeous shop. For anyone in NL, go visit if you're in the area, just check here for the details or their online shop.

Hoping to create something tonight but it's quite late already so I better get started!!


  1. dat lijkt me een heel erg toffe winkel ! Maar wat is EFF?


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