Fatboys - the Sliding Doors Diner

Hi all!
Ok, am pre-blogging this as I'm not sure how long this boiler thing is going to take, but I didnt want to leave you hanging on the next venue from yesterday's post. Remember I told you that I dont go to the very east much? Well, since I was here anyway... ;)

This is still Canary Wharf. The weather was amazing even though it was freezing but the sun was really nice. I like London like this. It's pretty, and all the annoying people stay inside because of the cold, muahahaha!

Artsy picture near Canary Wharf. I decided to walk to my next destination rather than taking the DLR...

On the way I got extremely lost, but I did see the Millennium Dome for the first time ever. Yes look, it's really there!

I also saw these apartments near the Dome, though it might be a hotel... My attempt at another artsy pic. I like it :) By the time I got here, I realised I had to backtrack all the way to the DLR station anyway as there was no way I would make it on foot to East India. No not actually India, the DLR station East India. Ha, hiking to India, not in this outfit... ;)

You see, some years back, my friend took me to this diner near the Hoover building (see above) and told me this was the diner used in the movie Sliding Doors which I LOVE. It didnt look like the one in the movie at all, and even the inside was different.

(image borrowed here)
See, this is what the diner needs to look like! From the inside anyway... And after reading my shiny new book Tired of London, Tired of Life, I realised that the diner my friend took me to was not at all the Sliding Doors diner! But the book came to the rescue and that is why I made my way all the way to East India to find it.

But after about an hour of what should have been a 10 minute walk, I made it!! Now THIS is the movie's diner! :)

I had a lovely lunch (in the cold as the place does not have heating and the weather was freezing!). I had a chocolate malt shake (yes like in the movie!), and a wonderful pastrami sandwich. Not something easily found in London let me tell you! I even had the same seat as they had in the movie :) The waiter was a little stressed on his own but very nice and I had a lovely time :) I tried to take a lot of pictures of myself with my lunch but I'll spare you those, not my best work...

Happy (and full!) me at Fatboys Diner. In case you want to visit, it's on Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Place, London, E14 OJW. And by the way, this pic was taken by someone randomly standing outside the diner so I put him to good use. Maybe that's why the pic is crooked LOL!

Another thing mentioned in my book was 'take the driver's seat in the DLR'. I havent checked if there was a specific section or distance or anything, but that is one more thing ticked off :) See all the people in the distance waiting for my DLR? Hihi... For everyone non-London: the DLR has no driver so you can sit all the way in the front, which is what they mean by 'driver seat'.

Another gorgeous day in London. Yes, the same day but nonetheless. I arrived in Bank and walked to the Royal Festival Hall across the Golden Jubilee Bridge on my way to my very first creative meetup of the year. It was good fun, but by the time I'd finished that meetup and arrived at my London Sci-Fi meetup a couple of blocks away, I was dead on my feet! So I didnt stay long and went home to a well-deserved cup of tea and the sofa. How we love the sofa! :)

So yes, the Saturday went well. Not very creative but I got a lot of ideas from the meetup and I had a chance to see some new things in London. Let's see how long I can keep this going :) I will post more projects soon I hope.
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  1. I was in London just over a week ago and really wish I'd had that book! It sounds great and from your blog seems to lead you to some cool places!


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