Happy 2012 Everyone!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!
My my, the year is already a week old, can you believe it? Have you made any new year's resolutions and have you stuck to them yet? LOL, it is always a bit tricky... For example, I really wanted to start the year off well with the blog and do much more than I did in November/December, but as usual work got in the way. HOWEVER, I have a ton of pics to share with you about various projects and more will be done soon so I'm definitely having a comeback :)

But first things first. I hope you all had a wonderful NYE! The bf and I stayed home for the evening after spending a good hour at HMV picking out the evening's entertainment which funnily enough turned out be a Marvel evening. We watched Captain America and the Green Lantern. For some reason for the past 3 years we've ended up with Transformers so it was time for a change hihi. Old habits die hard and completely unintentional we ended up with more Marvel. But it was a truely Marvel-us evening. Get it? Marvel-us? Hahaha... ok maybe my humour needs some work this year ;)

After the massive dinner on Christmas, the bf said I was in charge of cooking for the next holiday. I shamefully admit that I only prepared a main course as we only had breakfast really late. I made the bacon&eggs in a basket again like I did for Christmas Day breakfast, but this time they were even better!

I used the large muffin tins so the egg didnt stick so much on the bottom and used proper bacon instead of bacon bits.

Yumm! Unhealthy but so good! Martha Stewart defnitely convinced me for this one! Though I did add oregano which made it even better :)

For dinner I made Chicken Pot Pie. The brown things on top are biscuits. I had a pack of Bisquick which I happened to fnd in Tesco the other day (very hard to find in the UK). I should have used more and cover the entire dish but it was ok nonetheless. The (very easy!) recipe can be found here (and with much better pictures). So with this very American dish and the Marvel movies, it was really American!

And then it was midnight! As usual I stressed the bf out way much about getting ready in time to do the countdown and be all romantic for the New Year's Kiss (yes, girly I know but smooching is a must when the clock strikes midnight on NYE!). So here we are all cheering in the new year. I thought it best not to post a smoochy picture hihi.

So that was our very quiet new year's eve. After the clinking we watched yet more TV and played computer games. It was really relaxing :)

On another note, I have just spontaneously decided to enter the Sewing Blogger of 2011 Awards over at The Sewing Directory and Backstitch Blog. It would be great if you could spare a minute and vote for me :) Please click on the icon below and follow the instructions there. You have three options on how to vote so it should be easy enough. There is even a voter's prize so you can win £50 just by voting for someone (me please hihi)! Thank you in advance!! :)

I hope you all had a great NYE too! Have a wonderful and happy and crafty 2012, and thank you for following my blog!


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