Homemade Sushi - Take 2

After my lovely trip to the Museum of London, I went by Selfridges for some sushi-grade fish. I heard this from someone at work and it is correct, so for all Londoners: if you are looking for sushi-grade fish, they're selling it at Selfridges' Food Court at the Yo Sushi stand. I'm sure there are other places but I havent found them yet, and since I was in the area anyway... And it is so much better here than in Tesco!

Luckily (I checked this beforehand), I could buy the fish on Saturday and make the sushi on Sunday. While the bf was working on his Warhammer, I was making sushi. I had done it once before, back in July, but this one worked out even better! Maybe it was the fish? ;)

Taadaa, the result :) I had a selection of salmon nigiri, tamago, cucumber maki, yellow pepper maki, and salmon maki. I also added some slices of salmon on the sides. Still not so many new fillings, but these are my favourites.

For the bf served in style with some Asahi :)

Not the best angle as all the pretty pieces were on the other side for the bf to take, but you get the idea. My tamago is getting better and better :)

Yes, I was quite proud of myself! Plus there were about 7 pieces leftover which fit perfectly in my shiny new (pink!) bento box. More on that another time, but I had a lovely lunch the next day with sushi and cucumber/pepper salad in one bento :)

I've also done some sewing, nothing major but I will show you tomorrow!
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  1. Looks profesional to me. Thanks for linking up.
    tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife.

  2. Your sushi looks amazing! I'm not very good at making sushi - but my husband is so I don't want to try to improve!! :) Like the spider plate too!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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