Baking Soda

I know it's late but I just had to share this! Part of the lovely dinner tonight were chipolatas as the bf really likes those. I usually hate making them (even though I like them too) as they ruin my baking trays when I cook them in the oven. Yes, I know I dont have to use a baking tray but for the time being this is definitely the more hygienic option. Anyway, tonight I had an idea. Well, I used an idea from this website which is simply fantastic, but nonetheless I USED the idea. I have some baking soda which is out of date and I really wanted to be frugal and not just waste stuff. So after I made and served the chipolatas, I put the baking tray on the counter and added water and baking soda. Now normally we soak the trays for the whole night and still have to scrub like mad to get all the stuff off. Not tonight. I soaked it for maybe three hours and even when I poured out the water half the stuff was already gone! After that some minimal scrubbing and that was it, it was all clean :)

It might sound bizarre to get so excited about baking soda but it's all about being frugal and as the famous saying goes: every little helps :)


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