Craft Mashup Meetup

Finally it was time for the Craft Mashup Meetup! I've been looking forward to this for a while now, and finally it was on. I got a little lost along the way (sorry Joanne!) but in the end found the place it was held in. It was an interesting evening where we could learn (or mostly re-learn in my case) crochet, knitting, cookie decorating, and origami. Ok, I skipped the origami. All the precise folding is not for me... So I did the other three :)

I started off with knitting. I was still all hyped from work and this was the perfect thing to get my mind off things. I learned this great tip:
If you are a left-handed knitter and you need help but no one can help you because they're all right-handed, sit opposite them and let them show you and you simply follow what they're doing. Mirror-image knitting. Super handy! Look at me go!

In the end I actually managed to learn two different stitches and knit a few rows :)

Then it was off to cookie-decorating. I was a little disappointed to be honest as we used only icing in tubes but as we only had to decorate one cookie we had lots of time for it which meant I could really focus on mine. In the end it came out quite well. I think. But maybe I'll just keep using chocolate instead like I did with the Valentine cookies.

I went back to the wool table for some crochet. The basic stitch was really easy and I was relishing the easiness of it, when Kate (the organiser) showed me a double stitch. OMG did that get diffcult!! I only managed a few stitches until the time was up and the evening over...

In the end I had a lovely productive evening. I'll be buying some knitting supplies in April to keep me occupied during the medieval summer events where the bf is off sword fighting and the fair maiden just gets to hang out :)


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