So many more projects...

Thursday evening, nearly weekend at last! I'm surprised that I'm actually blogging even though my day was extremely uneventful. Oh how I would like to have another run like Christmas where I had 11 days all to myself with nothing to do but sewing and watch movies :) Yes, I love sewing while movies are running in the background. That way I can make noise through all the boring parts ;) And I would get so much stuff done! But hey, one thing at a time. I have now decided that I would make only one more tube card holder for a friend and whoever else wants one, I'm going to charge them. Mean you think? Possibly... but all my friends now have them so any more would be for others I barely know or friends of friends and I need to get started on the Mombi dress and not make these things all the time which totally eats into my planning.

Speaking of planning and projects, has anyone ever heard of Day Zero - 101 Projects in 1001 Days? It's a really cool website where you enter 101 projects that you want to finish within the next three years (it can be anything really) and whenever you finish something you can just tick it off as done. Extremely handy me thinks :) Check it out here: It's free an you can search other people's lists (at least not unless you know who they are I think) and I think it beats post-its everywhere!

Only two more days until the Stitch and Craft Show! Even though am being super frugal, cant wait to go here. :) Which reminds me, I need to check with Nada when she wants to meet (she might even read this! LOL). I'll find gold ribbons there for the Mombi dress. Oh yes, this is the Mombi dress by the way:

Yes, it will be a challenge, especially since I have less than two months. Deadline is Easter Monday. So fingers crossed!! Yes, should really start cutting underskirt slowly... 

UPDATE 19 JUNE 2013: Oh my, references are so much better three years later! The amount of pictures is amazing, so many good angles :)


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