My first ever blog

Hello world,

This is going to sound so cheesy but this will be my first ever blog. I always thought I would never have time but as I am not forced to watch Galactica (sorry, not entirely convinced by this show at this point in time) and facebook is getting more boring by the second with all their new layouts, I thought I'd send some thoughts out into the space of the world wide web. Wow, I really do sound like a bad movie ;) I did get the idea from the movie 'Julie and Julia' which I recently saw on the plane while flying back to London from San Francisco.

Yes, I live in London. Normally people would think I am so busy going out every night as everyone knows London has many events and there is always something to do. Yes... after nearly 5 years I've kinda seen it. My passion in life: sewing! I have read many interesting sewing blogs online and I can only hope that mine will be half as interesting as they are. :)

Last year, 2009, was a bad year for sewing. Accept for a Hermione cloak which I made for my niece upon request, I have done barely anything. Meaning I need to catch up, and fast. So far, 2010 is going well and I have many projects done or in process :) The big challenge will come soon: my Mombi costume for the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands. I will do my best to upload a day-by-day picture update which should be really fun.

On Sunday, after struggling with a top I was making from Burda's Easy Fashion magazine, I wanted to make something easy and cute. Having bought a LOT of Halloween fabric for my Halloween quilt in the States, and not having startd yet (a project already 3 years in the making), I decided to use some of the gorgeous fabrics to make a Tube Card Holder. For all non-UK readers: in London we have 'tube cards' for public transport which looks like a credit card and needs to be 'beeped' whenever going through gates at bus or underground. Currently only plastic holders are available which are bad for the environment and of course break easily. Enter fabric :) I made this gorgeous tube card holder of which I am extremely proud even though it's super easy yet not perfect. Check it out, what do you think?

Halloween tube card holder front:
Back: And the inside:
By the time I got to work on Monday morning, I was extremely pleased with this already. So I showed to some colleagues and have now already 4 more as per their request! The first two I havent photographed, one was pink for a colleague who loves pink and is going to bedazzle hers, and the second one has blue and white 'deck chair' stripes for one of my male colleagues. It seems he has lost his ticket only last month and needed something like this with a string so that wouldnt happen again. They were both very pleased :) My boss also wanted one but he told me to surprise him which was a little tricky. I made him a Star Wars one which I hope he'll like. Pics will follow shortly. I made one more in red with gingerbread men as a suprise for a friend. I really think I need a new project though ;) I will try to post instructions at a later date (and hopefully earlier time).
Speaking of which, this weekend the Mombi project is planned to commence. Hopefully I'll get a chance to cut the fabric before Saturday for the underskirt at least.

Well, I think this was long enough for my first post. Thanx for having me and keep sewing, I know I will :)


  1. Hi, Marijke! Welcome to blogworld.

    WIP = Work In Progress (something you are working on, either sewing, knitting, etc., that is not finished)

  2. Hi Lera and thank you for the warm welcome :) WIP, I must remember that.... believe it or not, all my WIPs are finished as I spent about 10 days during my Christmas holidays finishing up everything just in time for the new year. I fund 3 (!) large bags of stuff that was only half finished... Thanx for this though, I feel it will be a word much used ;)


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