It's just one of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where pretty much everything seems to be going wrong? OMG... today was totally like that. The working day just wouldnt end and THEN: as I walked out of my offce building, I walked towards the main gate as usual, passing the front door of the next building where a guy was slowly walking towards the door. I moved aside to make some space so that he could turn the corner as I passed. The guy COMPLETELY DIDNT SEE ME, walked into me and tripped me over! I of course went fying, everything I was carrying landing everywhere around me. At this point I was really quite annoyed and in pain. So instead of doing the English thing and saying 'it's alright, dont worry about it, I'll go home and suffer in private', I really had quite a go at the guy telling him to watch where he's going and that it is very possible that someone is walking on the side walk on a busy road. I even told him I knows where he works so if I'm in pain tomorrow I would know where to find him! Not my best moment but I was really totally stunned that someone could be SO blind and just run me over like that. ON FOOT!

I made it home ok where I iced my knee which is now all pretty and slightly swollen and still painful, and decided to cook to calm down. I made a lovely yet simple dinner and also these cookies:
Their from this website
They're amazing! Only need bananas, oats, dates or sultanas, vegetable oil, and a little vanilla essence. No sugar or butter at all! I can highly recommend these :)

On a more positive note than the knee incident, I gave my boss his tube card holder. He was surprised I had already finished it, and I think he even liked it :) I have uploaded the pics below:

I actually got received one more request but I am supposed to be sewing my underskirt tonight. Maybe I'll just cut the fabric tonight as also have to do some actual housework ;) Let's see how far I get, it's only 9.30pm so I still have a little time. R&R also much needed!


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