Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Check out the flowers I received from the bf :) Arent they gorgeous? I love purple :) No, they're not roses as we are against roses on V-Day due to the fact that they're especially imported for just this one day and they're usually full of chemicals and stuff. And I just love my bouquet so who needs roses? :)

I wanted to make the bf an edible present and spent most of the day in the kitchen actually. So much for our romantic day together... while I was baking I also made more banana cookies as I still have bananas left from last week, and I made enough soup to last me the whole week for lunch :)

In the spirit of V-Day I made these yummy heart shaped cookies :) They're plain butter cookies with streaks of milk chocolate and white chocolate made pink with food colouring. I think they came out quite well :) I also made a giant chocolate heart but forgot to take a picture of it and the bf has already dug into that one!

I still had these star-shaped cookie cutters that I bought a while back (a looong while back) that I wanted to try. As some of the butter cookies were chocolate flavoured, I made the two-in-one stars like the wrapper said. It was so much fun :) I'll get the heart-shaped ones for next year's Valentine.

For a change (and frugality) we stayed home for dinner, the bf cooked and it was really yummy and comfortable at home. No traffic problems, no drunken waiters, no gigantic V-Day increased food bill. Yes, it was a good day. I hope y'all had a great day also!


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