Great Invention - Quickachips

A few weeks ago, I was in the Poundstore, and found this strange contraption that I just had to give a try. It's called Quickachips. I mean, £1 is ok if it turns out to be nothing right? I figured if it's bad I can sure change it into a hat or something... The day before yesterday I actually had a chance to test it.

Basically it works like this: The Quickachips is a large flat net basket which goes into the oven. Fill basket with chips as you would any oven tray (so dont overfill), place in oven on the normal on the oven shelf and bake as normal. The good thing about it? Because it's a net basically, you wont have to turn anything over and everything cooks the same on all sides. I love it! Very easy to clean as well which is always a plus. I didnt have a chance to take a photo beforehand, but this is what it looks like in the oven:

Taadaa, lovely fries baked to perfection :) What do you think?


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