Wedding Witness (my first!)

It has been a while... this week I have not crafted AT ALL! Can you believe it? I surely cant... I've been so busy and stressed at work that I just went to work, came home, cooked dinner, ate said dinner, and then fell asleep on the sofa until the bf woke me up to go to bed where I happily continued sleeping. So glad I had today off :) One of our best friends here in London got married today. Now this guy is the ultimate bachelor and I'm so happy for him! He asked both the bf and myself to be the witnesses at the wedding which was a great honour and of course we gladly accepted :) So the wedding was today, and the reception is tomorrow.

Being me (and most of you know this), I dont exactly have any pretty dresses that are eh how should I put this... discreet. Luckily I know the bride and I know she doesnt dress very glamourously so I knew what to expect. After all, I didnt want to upstage the bride! So I had three options, one of which was already ruled out by the bf as being not at all wedding-like (especially in the current weather). As two girls are work are in wedding preparations, they were the perfect people to ask. So with the help of many descriptions, they helped me decide. I chose a dress that was given to me by my friend from Berlin (we do a clothing swap whenever we see each other) that she bought but it was too big for her and she couldnt sell it on ebay. It was a full-length, orginal 1970s (vintage yay!) dress that used to have big poofy sleeves and which I altered only a tiny bit ;) Sadly I dont have a 'before photo' but these were the sleeves that I took off of it:

Of course today was all about the happy couple so here are a few pics:

I love this photo, they both look so much in love! I was crying my eyes out when they were saying their vows...

The lunch was at the Meat & Wine Company which is a lovely South African restaurant in West London. I was so full afterwards!

A little more about the purple dress: as you can see from the sleeve, it was not very promising... so I took off the sleeves and took it in a little and voila, it worked really well and was extremely comfortable, even in this heat. :) This is the end result (this was actually the last picture of the afternoon, after the wedding lunch)

Using one of the sleeves, I also made this hair accessory to go with the dress.

Which looked like this in my hair:

I thought it looked quite wedding-ey in the end :)

So had a lovely non-upstaging day :) Am so happy for my friends and wish them all the best of course :) Tomorrow is the reception so I can wear something a bit more out there. Especially since everyone today seemed a little disappointed by my relatively basic dress. LOL! I was in shock! Hahaha

And of course big thanx to my good friend Anja for giving me this wonderful dress!


  1. You did a great job altering the dress! I also couldn't imagine not have a Jo-Ann's close by (even if I am partial to Hancock) :)


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