WorldCup Game - Netherlands vs Japan

I HATE football. That is, until the EuroCup or the WorldCup events are on. There is this song in Holland about 15 million people (quite old as there are now at least 16 million) containing one line which is so true (the whole song is true actually):

The country where no one lets go, unless we're winning
and then we're very passionate and no one will stay inside

And win we did! I know it was only a relatively unimportant game but still, we need every victory we can get :) Check here for a translation of the song (I just cant be bothered sorry). The video can be seen here, even if you dont understand it, it really shows what we (the Dutch) are like hihi.

Anyway, now that I have promoted this song enough, lets cut to the chase. My point was actually that I get extremely patriotic when the football (the soccer) is on. So naturally, I had to go out and watch the game in town. First of all, I needed a hair accessory to match as I didnt have any of the cool things that normally come with buying beer or so in Holland. Luckily, my passion for Halloween means that I have a lot of orange stuff anyway :) this is what I whipped up this morning before leaving:

The we (the bf who also hates football at any time of the day, and I) made our way into town and to De Hems which is the city's only Dutch pub.

We arrived about 90 mins before the game would start. Did I actually think I would be able to get in??

Obviously not... you might think that there are only a few people in this queue and you are right of course. Except that the pub was already packed to max and if you didnt have a ticket (which of course I knew but didnt actually bother to buy) you would have to show up extremely early to even get in! Even security said that these people had little to no chance of getting in. Last time, we arrived at 11am for a 3pm game, I was exhausted before the game had even started!
While trying to find a different pub, we walked through Orange Street, how appropriate!

We tried out the Sports Cafe which would seem like the best plan. Huge pub, comfy sofas... when we arrived, it was nearly empty with zero atmosphere! I mean, the main reason to leave the house would be to be surrounded by fellow Dutch people who shout at the screen and sing songs IN DUTCH right? So off we went to the Irish pub. Yes, it had been taken over by Dutch people so we were set. We even managed to secure a prime spot! Check me out:

I found the saxophone somewhere in my fancy dress stash and as it was orange it had to come. Great thing I own so much Halloweeny stuff so it all worked :) I also wore the contacts as normally it gets so busy I have to worry about my glasses being knocked off. Even the bf was there in an orange tshirt! The ONLY item of colour he own I must add, and check out the print!

LOL hilarious isnt it? And so the match began...

(this got busier after a while but the camera didnt deal very well with all the orange LOL)

1-0!!!! Whoohoo!!! It was awesome! Suddenly there was this massive roar and cheering from the ENTIRE pub! I think I saw maybe three Japanese looking people? LOL. The goal was actually made a little before the time shown here, but I only thought of taking the photo a little while after. 1-0 it remained and after the game we decided to give the other pub another chance for some food. Fat chance, still packed as hell. We did get in, but I had a feeling that food would be long and bad... so we went outside and took some more photos:

Proud and very supportive bf :) 1-0, yeah!

Ok, I am quite skinny normally... this skirt is not a good look but it was orange! LOL

Then some Dutch supporters went to the policemen across the street (always plenty of police during matches) and they were a real sport which resulted in a massive photoshoot. After a while I just had to join in:

We ended the afternoon by having lunch at a Chinese restaurant who cheered when we walked in as they seemingly supported Holland over Japan which I thought was quite hilarious.

So yes, once every 2 years, I dont hate football/soccer quite so much ;)


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