Last Minute Top for the Game!

Last Monday, the Dutch were playing in the World Cup again. In my office, we are allowed to watch a certain number of matches during work hours if that's when the team of choice is playing. So I was allowed to go down to the cafe and watch the match! As we have a 'business casual' dress code at work, I couldnt exactly show up in my normal comfy stuff that happens to be orange like last time. What to do? I had an idea for a while to make a top of this piece of shiney orange fabric that I've had lying around for years and never really seemed to be using. Having already made the hair accessory out of it, I thought I could make a matching top. But in less than half an hour and at 7am? So I went online and found this really lovely tutorial here that really helped me out. Ok so the tutorial is for kids but it was the idea that mattered. After all, I didnt have a lot of time. And I managed to make it work! With the hair accessory and the black ribbons it looked really cute (or so I think anyway). I brought my camera and my friend from work took a picture during lunch but I was staring into the sun and she had already snapped the picture so please ignore the awful posture (it was so warm outside!) and try to imagine the top.

I did take some more photos while watching the game, most of all coz I was ALL ALONE in the cafe as not many Dutch people (read: NONE) work in my estate and I wanted to show you how empty it was. During halftime I also took some pics with my phone of the top as I had left my camera in the office but now the software doesnt work and the photos are stuck on my phone. Greeaaat.... dont we love technology? Says she who is currently blogging... anyway, am rambling on, nevermind me. Back to the subject at hand: when I finally get the pics, I will post it here.

But what do you think? I wasnt sure if I should feel like a 4-year old or just like an office person with a nice top. As it happpened, the Dutch team was also playing in orange and black so at least that fit in nicely :) Oh yes, it also looks better when standing up as I was wearing long trousers which made the top look better somehow. Let me know what you think! After all, I need to wear it again on Friday :) Maybe I will add some embelishments somewhere, I dont know yet...


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