So warm....

It is nearly 30 degrees Celsius here which for London is unbearable... All houses are made for rain for insulation is pretty much non-existent and temperatures inside can be just as bad as outside... This morning the bf went out to do some archery (he was back by noon, it was just too warm!) so I opened all doors and windows and let in the cool morning air. How wonderful that was!!!

Sadly because of the heat my creation skills have decided to go on indefinite leave and I have yet to start creating something new. But since I had some free time (and some rare Sunday morning energy) and the weather was nice enough to do a handwash that could be left outside and dry within just a few hours, I decided to wash a dress that I bought at the charity shop sale for only £2!! It is a size 8 which miraculously fits me waist and length wise, but the bust of this dress is enormous! I need to adjust this but at least now it's clean and I can start thinking about what to do with it. For £2 I just couldnt let it go! It is a bridesmaids dress with a petticoat and lovely stiff fabric with a light purple sheen over it. Oh why am I explaining this? Here is a picture:

Isnt it gorgeous? Yes, not at all my usual, but I figured if I want to go as a fairy to the Elf Fantasy Fair next April, I might not have to work so hard and just used a purchased base. Yes, cheating I know but after last April I cant really be bothered... But it's not set in stone yet and it might just lie around for a few months until I come up with something. The skirt has just the right amount of poofiness though :) I'm so pleased to have found this for £2! Thats about $3 in case you're wondering by the way. I have now washed it and it is even more wrinkley but luckily I got a steamer for Christmas so am all sorted :)

Today I sold some stuff on ebay as well. Nothing I made, only my old clothes. I didnt do too bad... Quite sad though that ebay gets 10% and paypal gets another chunk so not much remains. But at least my closet is a little emptier :)

Dinner is nearly ready so have to keep it a little short today... oh yes, I nearly forgot! I now have 25 followers! Am so happy! :) Thank you all for reading about my creations, and I am really sorry for not having crafted for a week now. I will try to post new stuff soon I promise!


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