PirateCon 2010, Yarghhh!!!

It was that time of year again... pull out the pirate dress and gather in Central London (well, Southbank really) and pirate it up! It was VERY warm and my dress isnt really designed for tropical temperatures, so that the day started off well with me nearly fainting at the gathering... I hadnt eaten much and only had a small bit of Dr Pepper to wake me up (yes very bad I know), so I arrived in all my glamour at the gathering and then had to strip down to my tanktop and skirt only in order not to faint. Helped by one of my fellow (male, I must add!) pirates who was surprisingly skilled with unlacing a corset, I was free in no-time and recovered quickly with lots of water. Then I had to get everything back on again while not misplacing the wig since that was all pinned down... OMG what a start... and no, I dont have photos of that LOL. When I did finally took some photos, you can still see the wig being a bit askew, but that was remedied at our second stop where there was a mirror. Well yes, the Red Lady needs to look the part! I'm sure you're dying to see pictures after this dashing intro, so here is a selection of Pirate Pics of the day:

This was me with the Golden Hinde, the pirate ship thats permanently moored near the Thames.

Our group moving on to greener (or wetter) pastures.

People brought all sorts of pirate props.

Their favourite song: 'what shall we do with a drunken sailor...' to be sang many many times...

The Red Lady in all her glory waiting on the river bank for her ship (too bad you cant see the hat too well, it's so cute!)

No ship yet, maybe some skin will help LOL. Just kidding! But now you can see the hat and my very cool boots!

Some more pirates (the one on the left was the pirate in shining bandana earlier on), and then I went home as they all went to the afterparty and I'm not much for clubbing. But I had a fun day
which is all that matters :)

Small notes: I actually made this entire dress including the bag, except the hat which can be found here.



  1. Wow, great costume!!! And your boots are awesome!!!!

  2. Looks like you all had so much fun!
    My kind of fun too :)
    You look beautiful and i love your costume :)
    Following you back :)

  3. Great outfit!! Looks like a really fun day!

  4. I love your outfit. So cute!
    I found you on marketing monday and I
    have to admit your blog is great I love some of
    the things you have made.

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  5. Your outfit is awesome! You left a comment question on my blog about my shower curtain. You are a no-reply commenter (your email is blocked in your reply). There is a plastic shower curtain liner on the inside of the rod, the curtain itself is fully lined, but with cotton fabric as well. The liner keeps it from getting soaked.

  6. fantastic costume! :) looks like the say was loads of fun (even if it started out less than stellar with the fainting episode). ;)

  7. Great costume, and looks like you had so much fun!


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