Pretzel Hairstyle and After-Work Drinks

As promised, I tried out the Pretzel Hairstyle on Friday. It was super warm so this hairstyle was really really comfortable. And I even managed to get the zigzag thing done also :) yes, quite pleased. Reactions were mixed, my boss liked it, someone else thought I looked like I was 4 but in a positive way (am still figuring that one out, though as was wearing a mini dress at the same time, it might just be that) but I enjoyed it so thats a plus. What do you think? It's a little difficult to see, I admit but it's definitely the pretzel!

Shortly after we had drinks outside the office for someone's leaving do and we nearly took over the lawn!

It was fun though, but I could only stay for a bit as I still had to do the grocery shopping and then have dinner with the bf and some friends of his. We went to this wonderful Australian restaurant :) The only funny thing was that I was wearing my sunglasses and didnt bring my big bag with me which contained my normal glasses... so I had dinner while wearing my sunglasses the whole time! Only a tiny bit embarassing... LOL


  1. Aw how cute! I'm cracking up about the looking like you're 4 comment. It's okay, everyone is always trying to look younger than they actually are, right? LOL


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