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I normally write one blog for each subject/creation but as everything happened today, this is a much easier way today (and interferes the least with my Gilmore Girls season 5 marathon) LOL. You see, I was supposed to go to my knitting group tonight... so I made sure I dressed all creatively and in stuff that I made myself (just to make me feel better during the day at work) and packed my little London Stitch Craft Pouch containing my ball of wool and my crochet hook. Nope, not knitting needles as I wanted to make a cloche hat that I saw somewhere online. No pattern yet found yet, only the hat... Anyway, it started there... I was showing my friend P. at work my crochet hook that I got for free with a knitting magazine (the only reason I bought the magazine) and in my eagerness to demonstrate... I BROKE IT! Oops... so no knitting group tonight... ergo, I'm at home with GG on DVD and the bf is away so I can watch to my heart's content. Also means I havent sewed anything tonight, despite all my plans. LOL

Ok, so today lots of stuff happened. Well, I didnt actually create anything but I did get to show off a lot :) This morning, I decided to wear my pimped skirt. A few years ago, the bf gave me a really nice skirt (Camden Market, £5, total bargain!) which was tight-ish, long, black, with a fish tail in the back. Then, it shrunk in the wash. I didnt really wear it a lot only with boots but then I cant wear my boots at work so the skirt was kind of just hanging around and I just couldnt throw it away as it was a present. Enter fabric scrap purchased for only 50p and the invention of ruffles :) Unfortunately I didnt take a 'before' photo but I might have one somewhere in my 30GB of photos... But I do have photos of the final result. Two actually. :) Now with the bf away, I had to use the self-timer and the mirror so the photos arent superb but at least you can have a look. So over the weekend I chopped off the skirt and added ruffles :) It falls just over the knee and is very good for the office. This is the general idea:

In this one you can see the print on the ruffles better. Yes, one side is a tiny bit longer (really, like 3mm or so) than the other but I'm also sticking out my leg here to make up for this fact making it even more obvious LOL. But in the end it turned out really nice and now I LOVE IT!

Then, that was only one event of the day (maybe I should write more than one entry today LOL). Next, I delivered yet another tube card holder! My company is proving to be great! After making 5 for people in my team, I now made 5 for colleagues outside of my team (so they had to pay). I'm rocking! This one was for one of our IT guys and he wanted Brazilian colours. I think this has to do with the upcoming World Cup... I made this one for him and he seemed to like it. I like it anyway, hihi:

The last event of the day was my hair. Yes it sounds silly but I found this fantastic blog about a woman and her daughter creating a different hairdo nearly every day! Now as my hair is extremely long now *proud* I really want to try many of their hairstyles. I have to do this on my own head though so it's going to be challenging. Today I tried out this hairstyle and this is the way it came out:

Not exactly like the picture, I started the braiding too low so the crossover thing didnt really work, but still quite nice :) Especially since I got to wear the yoyo hair accessories I made also!

Oh yes, and this is my friend from work who kindly took the photo after I tried to do it myself and miserably failed. And who also joined me outside for lunch inspite of her relentless hayfever. Thanx P!

Well, that was my day today... tomorrow it's Friday, yay! And then I will try this hairdo, let's hope it goes better than today's one. Also, if the weather is nice I might wear my very pretty green dress that I made during my Christmas break :) Fingers crossed!


  1. Hi! New follower from Trendy Treehouse. Happy Friday!
    Hope you stop by. http://singingthreelittlebirds.blogspot.com

  2. The hair turned out cute! I love those accessories. I'm impressed you can do that on yourself. ;) (cute blog background, btw)

  3. Your skirt turned out great! I know what you mean about gifts; I hate throwing away anything my husband gives me!

    Linking from Just Something I Whipped Up Monday!

  4. What a clever and creative skirt ~ well done!

  5. Your skirt turned out so well and you are so smart. It just feels good to re-purpose something instead of giving it away, and when it turns out cute...wear it with pride:D


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