Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mother's birthday. Since I'm not in the country (and actually seperated by an not insignificant Channel) I sent her some stuff and it arrived in the nick of time today. Well, I did pre-warn her and she actually stayed home to wait for the mail! How sweet is that?

Do you remember the Clutch Bag I made for my sewing stuff? Well, I still had all this shiney and sparkley fabric leftover and my mother looooves sparkley and shiney so I made her one of those as well. Lined with leftover purple polycotton (not shown) and decorated with what seems to be becoming my trademark stacked yoyo rosette, this is the bag (the star cotton actually has silver glitters on it so it sparkles):

Of course I also needed some contents, so I bought her some nailpolish as she has a very particular colour she always wears and which seems to be discontinued pretty much every year by all lines imaginable. I also found the coolest card ever with a cat that actually quite resembles her LOL. She thought it was funny also :)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, I hope you like your presents!!


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