Fabulising February - 70s Towel Dress

Hi all!
It's time for another Fabulising February project! Quite a while ago, a lady came to the sewing group with a pile of fabric she wanted to give away as she was moving. Within said pile of fabric, I spotted a very odd looking towel fabric with purple and beige flowers on it. No one really knew what to use it for, but I just had to have it. Everyone else thought it was so ugly, they were glad to choose something else from the options given. This is the fabric, for whatever reason I love it!

Totally 70s...

So what to do with it? No, making a towel was not an option. The fabric seemed quite old and not at all nice and soft like new towels. Plus I gave away about 30 towels only a few years ago (that's what happens when two people have a lot of towels and move in together LOL, I managed to find someone who had their entire family flying in for her wedding and was desperate for towels, so I gave them to her. At least it was a good cause!). I searched online for ages for ideas and found some nice ones for a roll-up towel thingy for on the beach for example. I live in London, there is no beach and it's usually quite drab weather so that was not an option.

What was an option though, was a towel dress. Plenty of options to use that! If on holiday (with possible beach), after swimming (even in London), or just after a shower in summer. Yes I liked that idea :) Then I had to choose a design I liked. Also not an easy task but I found this shirring idea that was quite cute and simple so I got started. For some reason it then went completely wrong and ended up in the mending pile. 

But not anymore! The problem was that I had just taken the piece of fabric I was given and cut it in half. Luckily I'm not as big as the tube I ended up with so I had to recut and reshir it, and add some straps. The end result is really cute:

This is it! I'm looking forward to summer so I can wear this :)

The top white edge was actually already there, it's the top seam of the fabric and I really like how that part came out :) Since taking the picture I have actually added one additional shirring line. It is sort of empire lined so very full along the waist but it's all meant for easy and comfort so it's perfect. The bf hasn't seen it yet, I have a feeling he may not like it ;) It doesn't hang very well in the picture but it looks better in person. No, unless I'm on holidays I wont be posting that just yet LOL. But I do love my shiny new towel dress!


  1. Something like this would make a great beach cover up! That fabric is too fun!

  2. That dress is cute! I would wear it to the beach for sure.

  3. I love that fabric too! Great choice to make a dress with it - perfect for summer!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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