Fabulising February - Blue Top #1

Good evening y'all!
Ready for another project? I have so many quick fixes right now, I'm loving it! :) Today's project is about this top which has been in the mending bag for pretty much 2 years:

Is it a dress? Is it a top?

Let me explain. This top was on sale at Primark for £2 a long long time ago. It's too short to be a dress but great as a nice flowy top. Only problem with it: it's blue. Yes I would have noticed that when I bought it (duh!) so I had to adjust it so it would fit with more stuff. For a long time I didn't know what to do with it, and then suddenly I remembered this:

I bought this lovely woollen ribbon many years ago for next to nothing. I think I paid 25p a meter or something! There was a huge sale so I got a lot of it. It has blue in it but also a some greyish so adding this to the dress could work wonders.

I added the ribbon to the bottom of the top and also along the hem of the sleeves.

This is the end result. I really like this new addition

This top is actually super comfy and what I didn't tell you before: I bought 3 of them! And yes, all in the same colour, don't ask me why... I wore one in the summer and it's really lovely to wear in summer as it's quite light. And now with the added ribbon I can match it with so many more things than before :)


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